Wednesday, 10 April 2013

last few days in Chiang Mai

I already told you that I spend some time cross stitching on my balcony - completed first project - a sampler of my own design for Amy & Andy.  they call their home Hufflepuff Mansion, and here is a photo of my work.

One day when Amy was on her Thai Culture course, me and Andy went to a temple where a Festival was being celebrated.   Boys entering as novice monks  - looked from around 6 to teenagers.    What an absolute riot of the senses!   The boys were dressed up in bright costumes with magnificent headgear and loads of make-up ( especially in pink) either being carried in what I can only describe as sedan chairs, or on the backs of men.   constant music from drums and gongs, the boys being jigged about, ladies carrying flowers and breaking into dance & song. the boys possessions wrapped in raffita string, flower petals being thrown, huge umbrella-like structures with garlands of flowers & tassels.  it was quite magical.

Then a couple of days later, we witnessed the next stage in the temple.    The boys had had their heads shaved and dressed in white for prayers before they filed out clutching their orange robes.    After changing into these orange monk robes, all came back into the temple for more prayers.   Most of the very young boys (and some of the teenagers) looked lost and scared - bet there was tears at bedtime wanting their mummies.

I did get an Easter Egg after all!   Andy made us one each by melting chocolate, then using an egg box for the mould - what a grand surprise - thank you xx

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